About Us

Who is Promed Sarl?

PROMED Sarl is a local manufacturer of various pharmaceutical products and one of the largest and oldest industries of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Created in 1965 by an Italian company established in Kinshasa under the name of MARCHITALIA, which manufactures under license, some BIAGGINI products and other important ones.

1972, Warner Lambert, a US multinational drug producer buys Marchitalia.

The new company is named: Warner Lambert / Zaire. This is where many of the changes in the industry will come in. The young industry will manufacture the drugs in the rigor of the parent company and following the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It is a question of putting in place systems whose purpose is to reduce significantly the possibility of manufacturing products presenting any defect.

  • 1984, Warner Lambert / Zaire changes ownership and becomes PROMED SARL who will find and maintain all the structures left by his predecessor (Warner Lambert / Zaire).
  • 1993, PROMED was the victim of the looting perpetrated in the city of Kinshasa.
  • 2006, following the dilapidated facilities after the looting and following the recommendations of various external audits, PROMED acquired a new site and strives to raise its level of production of quality drugs while acquiring facilities and equipment meeting the current requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice for medicines.
  • Since July 2007, PROMED has moved to the new site: 05 bis Basisa, Kingabwa; C / Limit; Kinshasa / DRC.

The main objectives pursued by Promed:

  • Production of drugs in large quantities to cover the needs of the population;
  • Production of good quality drugs to ensure good health for the population;
  • Affordable drug production by the Congolese population.

All efforts and other investments will allow PROMED to take up this triple challenge.

The year 2009 will see the international recognition of the quality expertise recognized at Promed by the award in Geneva (Switzerland) of the trophy "Arc d'Europe for Quality, Gold Category"

Argument which can today put at the ease the prescribers, the distributors, as well as the users of the pharmaceutical products coming out of our factory.